Monday, September 8, 2008

What I Learned Today

1. How to use a fill layer to repeat a pattern across a page in PSE.

(Now if I could only learn how to do a pattern that lines up seamlessly, or how to come up with a pattern that's worth repeating).

2. How to use the Texturizer Filter to convert any photo into a PSE texture.

(Now, if I could only figure out how to get it to consistently size the textures the way I want them too).

3. No matter how much it seems like a good time and how much you want to get the kids tired out, don't take them to the nearby bottanical gardens with just their feet and the leashes... TAKE THE STROLLER. DOH!

Ten thousand apologies to anyone who wanted a peaceful walk this afternoon and got team screamers instead.

Here's the pattern/texture thing I made while I was messing around, FWIW.

I can't imagine anyone having a use for it, so I'm not bothering to put it up on 4shared. But anyway, sometimes it's interesting watching a work in progress, I think. Or maybe I'm just super-narcissistic. Whatever. I'm tired -- listening to them scream (not to mention carrying their twitching, throbbing, irritable bodies back to the car) really takes it out of a mom. Jenny, we'll be discussing this incident on your performance review. I have to go clean the kitchen now. It looks like a pizza night. How 'bout you?


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

great work gal.. you are really looking good on the blog and your designs are really blooming.. wtg!!!!!
co-owner of TTS

Mags said...

Hey! It's Mags - THX so much for leaving a comment about the folded ribbons on my blog - of course, you can use them in the Oct. Kit. Use them any way you want! Enjoy!
:) Mags

Hummie said...

I glad to see you makes me won't ever stop learning as there is so much to learn in PSE! I keep learning too!